• Andersen Global

    This is a directory of Andersen’s offices around the world and the services each office provides.

  • Egypt Land of Opportunities

    Egypt Land of Opportunities explains the New Investment Law and the various incentives which are provided within it, as well as the most lucrative sectors for investment within Egypt. Each sector of investment is accompanied with ongoing projects which investors can take advantage of, as well as the steps for participation from a seasoned legal and accounting perspective.

  • Egypt Tax Summaries

    This book is intended to give readers a detailed description of the Egyptian personal and corporate tax system, as well as the introduction of the VAT system within Egypt. The book covers both direct and indirect taxes, the double taxation treaties Egypt has signed, and the different legal forms which a company can take, along with the associated steps for establishment.

  • Employment Law in Egypt

    This book gives readers an overview of some of the most common dilemmas which face employers when initiating and terminating employment agreements in Egypt. The book gives a general overview of the Egyptian Labour Law, and discusses the different types of employment contracts which exist, the ways in which they can be terminated, employee vacation entitlements, wages, downsizing, employee representation, occupational safety requirements, Egyptian social security system, and a number of additional related topics.