Maher Milad Iskander

Managing Partner

Maher Iskander is the Founder and Managing Partner of the firm. Maher has over 30 years of practical experience in commercial and corporate law, and is certified to represent clients before all levels of the court.

Maher’s specializations include reviewing and executing all aspects of merger & acquisition transactions including drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, drafting and reviewing non-compete agreements, conducting legal due diligence and coordinating with other relevant specialists, negotiating, drafting and executing commercial contracts.

He also has extensive experience in advising and representing clients before the Egyptian court in commercial and economic disputes such as bribery, corruption and embezzlement crimes, information technology crimes, commercial fraud and illegitimate competition.

Maher represents clients from an array of backgrounds and as such, has acquired seasoned experience in the retail, construction, real estate, oil & gas, energy, textiles and banking and finance industries.

Maher is an active member of the British, Canadian and German Chambers of Commerce in Egypt.