Sylvia Sidrak

Partner – Legal

Sylvia Sidrak is a Partner at Andersen Tax & Legal in Egypt. Aside from offering general corporate law services such as company formation, entity licensing and providing advice on shareholders’ rights, Sylvia specializes in employment law providing high quality and tailor made advice to clients. She has experience in reviewing and drafting employment contracts, advising clients about their rights while recommending appropriate legal action, mediating between employees and employers, and representing clients in court, in employment and commercial lawsuits.
She also helps to bridge the gap between employers and employees through handling legal matters which involve collective bargaining. She advises employers on creating workplace policies and procedures that are in compliance with local employment laws to minimizes disputes.

Sylvia also has in-depth understanding of the social insurance system of Egypt, and as such, is capable of advising employers to ensure compliance with the requirements of the law.

Sylvia advises clients in all commercial industries, with a particular focus on retail and tourism.